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Every Student has a story they want heard We support the minds that tell the stories.

Tailored learning to fit your child's needs Innovative mindset tutoring.

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Grades 5 to 10 in Math, Science, Biology, Physics and Reading & Comprehension


Learning English or French? Tesen provides English and French conversationalists for you to develop and improve your language skills.

Experienced Teacher Support

Support your children’s success with our Tailored Learning Program for

Grades 5-10

Specialists in the STEM subjects of Math, Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics we also provide Reading and Writing support.

Innovative on-line learning with experienced teachers

One-on-one Focused Classes

We Support All Families

We believe learning is important for all families. We discount 25% of the fees for approved lower income families to provide the support your child needs

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Offering You Choice In Tutoring

Tailored Expert specialists to provide what your child or students need to excel

Our Tutors are specialists in Math, Sciences, Biology, and Physics

Learn from experienced Ph.D., Masters, and Degreed tutors in STEM topics 

Innovative on-line learning with real teachers

Our goal is giving your child the best experience, we have a 24 hour customer review to ensure students feedback is reviewed after each class to improve learning

Our customer staff reviews feedback to adjust your experience

Go to bookings to see our Flexible Course packages from 7 hrs up to 40 hrs a semester

Unleashing Your Child's Potential



Linking of ideas


Not doing math well can be harmful to a student’s future

We work with you to support your children

Learning depends on the plasticity of the brain and we believe children’s minds can be changed as can their ability to learn in the right environment

Learn Anywhere

  • Our courses are built for a flexible timeframe between 7 hrs up to 40 hrs depending on the package in which students are mentored to develop a new set of skills, expanded knowledge and develop new attitudes
  • Our on-line tutoring provides coaching, guidance, and mentoring
  • Short concept introductions
  • Concept-focused discussions
  • Mentoring discussions
  • Managed student Interactions
  • Supporting students creative work

Learners need active encouragement and deliberate practice

  • We encourage learners to engage with material to ensure growth with:
  • Continuous assessment
  • Critical reasoning
  • Active engagement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Confidence

Our Philosophy

  • Structured learning activities so that your learner acquires skills and development expertise
  • Our teachers take a fresh mindset approach to on line tutoring
  • On-line students need to be taught in a different way
  • Students need to be engaged with information about skills and what they need to confront a future led by programmers and systems not people
  • We focus on the students

Children Matter

With each student we:

  • Observe
  • Exchange ideas
  • Promote decision-making
  • Facilitate corrective practice
  • Look to future development

We also focus on developing:

  • Memory and knowledge structures
  • Problem solving and reasoning
  • Self-regulatory learning processes
  • Cross-Cultural learning experiences